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Microlief® Under Wraps, Natural Pain Relief Patch for Horses

Fast, Effective, Natural Pain Relief

Reduces Swelling & inflammation

Speeds Injury Recovery

Reduces the need for NSAIDS

Microlief Equine is a Wearable 24-Hour Around-the-Clock Natural Pain Relief Patch for horses.

Place Microlief Patches on either side of the painful area.  Mild Microcurrents safely stimulate the injured tissue and activate the body's natural healing processes.

Relief may be experienced within minutes.  

Microlief® Equine Microcurrent Therapy delivers optimal equine health and performance.

Every stable should have at least on Microlief® Kit on hand in case your horse develops an acute tendon or ligament injury.

Microlief can also be used in your daily maintenance program to help prevent injuries.

Microlief is safe and easy to use.  Microlief can be placed under leg wraps and left in place around the clock every night.

Microlief can be removed and replaced as needed.  The Microcurrent Controller has a battery life of 300 contact hours.

Microlief® is powered by patented, Medically Approved Microcurrent Science and Technology.

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Covered by US and International patents including 6,408,211  EP129443B1  2,410,342 

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