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Therapeutic Herbal Liniments




These Chinese characters are pronounced as Die Da Yao.  The meanings of these characters are:

Fall ( as to fall down or suffer a fall)

Hit (as to Strike something or get Hit)


Die Da Yao literally means medicine for hits and falls.

Die Da Yao medicine traces its roots back to the practices of the Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Masters.  Their longevity depended upon both their fighting skills AND their ability to effectively and quickly recover from any injuries they received during training or worse, during warfare.

The ancient Chinese developed a variety of external herbal formulas that addressed a wide range of problems.  They had formulas for reducing muscle and joint pain, reducing swelling, healing cuts, preventing infections and treating bruised and/or broken bones.

These ancient formulations are still relevant and effective for treating the physical ailments experienced by modern man.

Ancient Herbal Wisdom - A tremendous amount of ancient knowledge and modern good energy is included in our hand crafted Die Da Yao Therapeutic Herbal Liniments.

These extraordinary products combine the herbal wisdom of four ancient healing cultures:

Ayurvedic Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tibetan Medicine

Western Herbal Medicine

Quality Ingredients - Our herbs are tested and certified free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and preservatives.

Synergy - Unique specific herbs are combined together into a proprietary blend for each product.  The herbal blends are steeped over time in their carrier base.  This process yields a powerful, healing product that is infused with the synergistic therapeutic effects of all the herbs in the blend.

Healthy Packaging - Our liniments are packaged in aluminum bottles that feature epoxy-phenolic gold lining coating.  This coating is highly flexible and acts as a non-reactive barrier for our liniments.