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Our company name:
Equine Microcurrent Systems, LLC dba BasicWellness4All
Address: 9791 NW 160th Street, Reddick, FL  32686
Cell/Text:   352.362.0274


We are licensed human sports massage therapists and natural pain relief specialists for humans and horses.

Don is the original developer of equine sports massage and electro-acupressure for humans and horses. We teach classes in these modalities.

We provide therapeutic sports massage, active isolated stretching and electro-acupressure treatments to our human and equine clientele.  Additionally, we offer online consultations and active-isolated stretching coaching sessions. 

Don's human clients include Olympic Track and Field champions and his equine clients include Breeder's Cup Champions.

We have developed and manufacture many of the products on this site.  We use all of these products ourselves and in our therapy sessions with clients.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Don and Lisa Doran - Breeder's Cup 2016
Don & Lisa Doran at Breeder's Cup 2016, Santa Anita, CA