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Tendon Warming Herbal Liniment-Equine-16oz

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Relieves Chronic Pain

Resolves Bruises

Strengthens tendons and ligaments

Tendon Liniment is a proprietary blend of therapeutic, warming Classic Chinese and Western herbs steeped over time in a base of high quality, deeply penetrating ethyl alcohol.  This process yields a powerful, deeply penetrating liniment that is infused with the synergistic therapeutic effects of all the herbs in the blend.

For chronic pain and injuries:  Apply liberally and massage thoroughly into the affected area.

For Strengthening Tendons/Ligaments - Ancient Martial Artist Masters used this liniment to help strengthen tendons and ligaments.  Tendon Liniment was used prior to competition to help prevent injuries.

For Modern Equine Athletes - Apply liberally to the lower leg tendons and ligaments and massage thoroughly until dry.  REPEAT.  Soak gauze with Tendon Liniment and apply under wraps.  For best results, refresh frequently throughout the day.

PRECAUTIONS:  Do NOT use if tendons/ligaments have heat or swelling.  Not for use on open wounds. 

Tendon Liniment is indicated for Stage 3 of Die Da Yao Injury Healing Protocol.  Tendon Liniment should only be used when all the heat and swelling of the initial injury have been cleared.

Ingredients:  Ethyl Alcohol, Shou Di Huang, Da Huang, Du Huo, Bai Zhi, Frankincense, Qiang Huo, He Huan Pi, Myrrh, Hou Po, Xue Jie. 

16 ounce containers with flip top